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Design an Awesome Garage for Your Des Moines Custom Home

Posted by Don Brill on January 16, 2017

cluttered garage workshop antique vintage car

Your garage.

It’s probably cluttered with sports equipment, bicycles, car accessories, tools, and more. Maybe it’s where you store your treasures and collectibles, from neon beer signs to pinball machines to antique cars. Maybe it’s where you pursue oversized or messy hobbies like woodworking, home brewing, or painting. Maybe you love to tinker with, repair, or restore cars or motorcycles. Whatever you use your garage for, one of the best parts about building a new custom home is designing your new garage to be exactly the "man cave" or hobby space that you want. Here are some particularly important things to consider to make sure your garage is perfect for you.

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Vehicle Space

RV garage for your homeFirst and foremost, most people do want to store their motor vehicles in their garage! A custom designed space can allow you to easily access and protect vehicles of all sizes. For the most serious auto collectors, custom home builders have created underground storage garages with elevators to bring each car up to the surface. For RV enthusiasts, build a great looking, functional storage space to protect your home on wheels from Iowa’s capricious weather. Designing storage space that enables your family to safely and easily access other vehicles like bicycles and ATVs will help prevent dings and scratches to your cars, too.


A Layout That Works

man cave motorcycle garage spaceHobbies tend to have some common requirements, however different the specifics. Most need easily availability of power, a convenient workspace, good lighting, and running water (at the very least for hand washing). Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to jerry-rig adequate lighting or daisy chain electrical cords to where you need power? Working with your home builder’s design team can help you create a layout that works for however you want to use your space, with the basic necessities at your fingertips. If you want garage spaces that are completely separate for your cars and hobbies, that’s an important priority to convey at the very start of your home design. If you want to use your garage spaces for serious car maintenance or restoration, consider installing pneumatic hose drops, custom ventilation systems, and even car lifts.


Organize & Take It Up a Notchwell-organized tools and workbench in garage

Once you decide on a winning layout, think about how you can customize your space for your hobbies or collections. Think about custom designed built-in storage solutions, display cases, and workstations. If you're a home brewer, think about building in a bar so your homebrew can stay at temperature and on tap! A surround sound entertainment system and flat-screen TV can ensure you never miss a game while tinkering in the garage and make listening to music or watching helpful videos convenient. Built-in shop vacuum systems can help keep your space clean and neat. A good designer can help match you with these and other modern garage amenities that meet your lifestyle needs and make your garage a haven.


Use Technology for Security and Convenience

Make sure your space and stuff stays secure with a quality garage door. The Liftmaster 8550W garage door is recognized as one of Popular Mechanics’ Best New Products from the International Building Show 2016. It features WiFi connectivity, allowing you to receive notifications when your door opens and closes and control both functions remotely using your smartphone or other connected device. Never worry about leaving the garage door open again! This system can also connect to the smart home energy management system Nest, allowing it to let those systems know exactly when you arrive and leave.


Style It Your Way

In addition to the functional aspects of your garage space, a custom design-build team can help you give your garage the kind of style that works with your family and your personality. Whether that’s a sleek, clean, functional, and high-tech look or a ‘50s throwback retro style, taking the time and making the effort to customize your garage design takes your custom home to the next level.


If you’re ready to design your own garage (and home to go with it), contact the expert Des Moines home builders at Homes by Brill! We’ve built over 500 Des Moines custom homes, and we’d love to help you design and build the home and garage of your dreams. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!



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